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Twang Heaven, not much sax...jam session review 27th Nov,

Gawd knows how many guitarists turned up, I lost count (*), but the twangers prevailed: at least six of them all arvo..

Daniel Ossher dropped by - a class above the rest, and before he gets too excited, bear in mind what class you are above... just.

Simon Exley, professing no knowledge of jazz, (and since when has that stopped anyone?) played some pretty competent bass - turns out he is a full time muso. Come again!

Jane sang with guitar backing so loose that the Notorious Cad struggled on sax, and the aged pianist got up and put in an eerily inaccurate imitation of a drummer(**). John, Middle Park's finest Drummer, turned up and played as a kindness to others, me in particular, Martin C ditto. Pianist and sore leg specialist Gentleman John Curtis restored some class to the proceedings.

So... the afternoon rolled on - Ruby, aided if not abetted by Malcolm transitioned L.O.V.E from a gentle pace to a quick something or other.

At which point, more or less, I was summonsed to more urgent matters, and decided to make the rest of this glowing review entirely fictional on the grounds that

(a) All these reviews are fictional anyway.

(b) If we started publishing factual accounts, a dangerous precedent would be set, and we would never get that dream job with the Murdoch Newscorpse.

(c) The Good Captain's notes are somewhat spare, he having used most of them on Ladybird, by all accounts.

But I digress: Jane sang Temptation, Christine M rocked up, Bruce in tow, and sang rather well. Vlad who we haven't seen since Post Hotel days, played/sang some up tempo blues, Ashley sang "some of his regular numbers" which prompts the question, what does he sing when he does his irregular numbers, Ruby sang a couple more, Bette and Rod sat back and enjoyed the racket, and ...

And at 7.15, the bedraggled remnants of another pleasant arvo of ballad mangling, stumbled out into the cool night air (sounds better than slouching across the gravelled car park) and we all resolved to do better next time...

God knows why, I rather enjoyed the racket as it is.

(*) Mike, Roger, Dean, Vlad, Ashley, Neville I think we nearly equalled the 7 guitarists we once got at The Leinster when I rashly advertised in Melband.

(**) A rare foray, only attempted when all musicians playing are tapping their feet to a variety of tempos. Stuck to the keep it simple principle, and as I don't know what I am doing, the drums being set up for a left hander made little difference.

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