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Newport Jazz Festival Australia

Festival News:

The Fourth Newport Festival starts on Friday 3rd May 2024. We are looking forward to seeing old friends, making some new ones, and hearing some great bands over the two and a half days.


Headline Bands. This Festival will feature Headline Bands on each of the three days: Shirazz, a favourite with the Traddies, Bob Sedergreen, a favourite with everyone, and Adam Rudegair with Julie O'hara where funk meets the locals. The rest of us will be playing more  trad, swing tunes, bebop, straight ahead modern, and big band numbers than you can listen to in a weekend - so you will have to choose your favourites, but we hope you will take time to discover new talent: there is plenty out there! See you at the ticketing desk...

Ticket Prices: This year sees some dramatic reductions in price - you can get a weekend pass for 35% less than last year and the other options are similarly priced.


Ted Woollan, Chair

Col Garrett, Treasurer

Debra Woodroffe, Secretary

Martin Clifton, website

Jane Little, marketing

Mike Powell, volunteer co-ordinator

Susie Velinovski, social media

Annie Smith, venues, presentation

Photos Of The 2023 Festival

If you would like photos of bands from previous Festivals, contact us via the email on this website (click on the Info Tab)

Feed Back

If you have any comments, (good or bad) You can leave a note at the ticketing desk, or contact us via the email on this website (click on the Info Tab) We will review the Festival afterwards, and would really appreciate your input. 

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