Typical! We hardly see a piano player for the last month, and then three turn up for the B Team bash. Props to Judee, who not only played up a storm, but brought along bass player Doug Foley who was damn' good. then Lisette atepped up, great versionof Autumn Leaves with Huich on violin a highlight. newcomer Fletcher impressed despite his first time nerves. Straight No Chaser done good

In the tonsil department, Jane, Aneta, Anthony, Kevin and even Deb had fun....

Cardinal Calamatta was smoother than ever, then Alan "long time no see" West added his own class on sax, and Tim, apart from helping Martin (played all day and looked a litt.le tired) set up the drums, did his own improving on clarinet.

And the evening ended with Amy from the Bar signing up a storm.

If I had to pick a winner on the day... I don't but it is worth mentioning, Mike played the best guitar we have heard from him.

So... an afternoon peppered with good musicians, good music, some entertaining gossip, a newbie, and some old hands returning.

What's not to like?

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