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Jam Session review 30th June 2024

Hospitality is a hard game. About three weeks ago, there was quite a large pub which, on a Sunday evening between the hours of 6pm and 9pm, had not a single customer.

We promised Ali when we put the idea of a jam to him that the sessions would draw between 15 and 25 people to the Cornerstone. Seems we were wrong again. Last Sunday, there were well over 50 people in the joint, and we had the third biggest turnout for the jams since we started counting(see footnote). The new venue is proving popular with the jammers, as well as the locals.

So... opening stanza from Malcolm Hornby, with violinist Karin, Neville on bass, followed by Gentleman John Curtis, elegant as ever on the ivories, an assortment of saxophonists (Jeff, the Captain, Roger, Michael Holt, Keef, ) and the guitarists   (Mike, Roger,) drummers Martin, Mike the Hirsch, and Annie joined in, along with bassists Adam Fforde, Ivan, and Matt Cameron, trumpeter Graham, ​more pianists (Lisette, meself, Philip), and singers Elly, Ruby, Jane, Kevin, Deb, Charles, Buddy, Aimee, Annette, (from just north of Denmark), and Kay Young (Darwin has not been the same since.. etc.etc.)  flocked around, and the sound got a bit muddier  - but still better than just about any joint we have played in over the years.

The Captain was nearly overwhelmed with the number of musos on his list, and even though we finished late (ish) , Rose, and Annie didn't get to sing. Props to Mike foregoing another solo to try and save time and get more musos in. If anyone else soloed more than three times, you owe us!

Hospitality is a hard game: that pub was the Cornerstone.


Footnote: Someone is bound to ask: Attendance records:  The Post Hotel, Christmas Bash, 2021, 45 musos, The Post Hotel, and Col's 70th Birthday Bash, The Leinster Arms,  36 musos. The lowest attendance was around 2014, The Leinster Arms, 8 musos.

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