This week, the Bowls Club is closing early, so we are off to the Victorian Wine Centre, Armstrong Street Middle Park - it is about 200 yards from the Bowls Club on the opposite side of Canterbury Road.

Avid readers of the Newsletter will know that this is where we run a trio session every Thursday, and at the last count, 18 jammers have got up and played there since we started in October 2021

Steve the genial host will be there to greet you, and space will be at a premium so we will possibly run a smaller combo than usual. The VWC genuinely serves the best chips in Melbourne, and has fine beers on tap.  The noise should be deafening within the smaller space (if there is an unseasonal heat wave, we will play outside under the awning). Parking should be a doddle.

3.30pm start. Will be fun - see ya there?


15 musos, so not a crowd, but a really good session at the Bowlo...

1   This was the best sound we have had in ages

2  The standard of music was consistently high

3  Four piano players, John Curtis, Tony Luxmore, Agus Batara and meself  .. John doubled as a bass player

4    Two drummers: Martin Clifton sporting some new red brushes, and Giovanni Perri at his best.

5   Singers: The Debster, (Straight no Chaser), Anthony (Good Bye Pork Pie), Kevin any key Rolfe, and Aneta G

6   Anthony Pell on bass 

7   Improver of the day Tim on clarinet Honeysuckle Rose

All up, a bloody good session.

If you are thinking of coming next week (The Wine Bar), jump in with a band or sit back and gossip maliciously over a Carlon Daft. If you are new to the Jams, then be assured that you will be welcome, and we will expect to play tunes of your choice to make it easier to get started.

The only rules are: get your name on Captain Chaos' list; 3 songs in a set; and if you don't make a mistake within the first 20 seconds, you have to get off on the grounds that you will be showing the rest of us up. The audience  next week will really wonder what is going on, as do we all from time to time, but should be generally pretty friendly, at least until the medication wears off.


PA, microphones, keyboard (the El Cheapo FP10 for a change!), bass and guitar amps, drum kit supplied, the rest is up to you.

Enthusiasm essential, charts a bonus, performance anxiety optional, and competence to be well concealed as a kindness to others

At the Wine Bar: See ya there?


Getting There: Armstrong Street

For this Sunday's Jam, Armstrong Street is best approached from the bayside end, and you can nudge your Datsun 120B in between the Audis, Rangies and Beemers of the local gentry. The Vic Wine Centre proudly announes itself as Cellarbrations Bottleshop.

Or get the No 96 Tram and get off at the Middle Park stop


The Vic Wine Centre, every Thursday 5pm - 8pm

​22 Armstrong Street, Middle Park (conveniently opposite the Bowls Club entrance), parking is generally easy. Aneta Graham will be singing again. Her set last week was sensational.

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