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Jazz Jammers' Newsletter April 18th 2024

Serafina: a classy upgrade on the inside, still the Old Beehive on the outside, and there is free parking on the left...

Myrtle might change her mind

Jam session review for Sunday 14th April 2024

Well, girls will do that... so, what sort of a jam was it? 26 musicians, and a bunch of others packed the joint, and it fairly popped from go to whoa. Not only were there musicians (and I use the term as loosely as ever), but most of Elly's friends and family, and a fair few locals who stayed all arvo, possibly a sign that the denizens of Lower Coo have absolutely no taste in music, but more probably because it was an entertaining sort of arvo all round.

Mr Clark, fit as ever, the obligatory bounder, dropped by, threw out a coupla bebop tunes, and sensibly left before things deteriorated, which they didn't. Which left it to the likes of Ivan and Ari, both fine bassists, Martin and Paul at the opposite ends of the spectrum  (pp/ff) on drums, Mike, Roger, Fermin and Neville on guitar, and a bunch of others on, variously, pianos, saxophones, recorder (just the one) and tonsils -

Pick of the day? Rose, whose singing now gets better with every outing. That should fix it for a while... 

Humorist of the day? Jeff, who can sometimes play the sax,  not take things too seriously, and take the p*** out of himself all at once.

Save of the day? Marion, who started visibly anxious to know which key first timer Annie was proposing, which we couldn't tell her because Annie didn't know, and we hadn't worked it out yet,  then settled to the task and played Wave, unrehearsed, pretty damn well.

Chord of the day? C dominant seventh, played by the Good Captain to signal the end of the session. We wuz tired, but really, this was as good a jam as I can remember. Even Myrtle would have been well jazzed.

The next Sunday Jam Session is on 21st  April, and I might well be there. Myrtle maybe. You too?

4.00pm at Serafina,  corner of Barkers Road and Church Street, Kew., on Sunday 21st April

Upcoming Gigs This Week and beyond

The Challis Street Fandango, Saturday 20th April

This Saturday, Aneta is back, with the usual crew (The Captain, Neville, Steve, Martin and meself), and the threat of some new tunes to be savoured.

Al Fresco Jazz at Challis Street Cafe, Newport: Saturday 20th April, probably start around 10.30am., because the Captain Chaos Quartet works longer, but not necessarily smarter,

Sunday Jazz at the Boatshed Cafe, Sunday 21st April

The Boatshed Cafe was back in full swing  last Sunday - Aneta Graham singing, and a good crowd. Anna so pleased, we are going with the same line-up for a second week - Aneta, Andy Moon (bass), Mike Holt (saxophone) and some old but no longer jet lagged keyslapper. 10.30am to 1.30 pm Sunday 21st April. Park in Aquatic Drive, head for the water, we'll be there..  Fahionable Leisurewear and dogs not obligatory, but we do seem to get a lot of that sort of thing.

The Cafe is now a sponsor of the Newport Jazz Festival. This is the only cafe in Albert Park, on the

lake's edge.  Drinks, snacks, coffees and gossip, followed by Anna's signature toasties. Kick back and listen to some jazz in the sun.

Other Festival News  - and news of other Festivals

Newport Jazz Festival, 3rd, 4th, 5th May 2024

​The MJJ sponsored event is now in its fourth year.(check out the Home page on this website and click on the link below for a review - interesting how we are perceived from the outside!).

90 bands applied, for the 41 available spots, including Bob Sedergreen, Shirazz,  and Julie O'Hara with Adam Rudegeair as featured artists. As a result, even though some seriously good musos missed out, the standard will be ridiculously high.

Tickets are selling now - and the lowest ticket prices of all the Festivals listed.

A heap of fun all weekend, great venues, and your  chance to catch up with friends, including some of the finest jazz musicians. I'm going. Are you?.

Castlemaine Jazz Festival 7th To 9th June 2024

Started by Melbourne Jazz Jammers in 2014, so we have a soft spot for this one.


Band applications have now closed and the program is due out soon.  Check out the promo video - hot!

Merimbula Jazz Festival.jpg

Merimbula Jazz Festival  42nd Merimbula Jazz Festival 7-10 June 2024


"If you want to experience the pleasure of playing and/or listening to some wonderfully talented jazz musicians of all ages, put June 7-10, 2024 in your diary."

Inverloch Jazz Festival.jpg

Inverloch Jazz Festival 2-4 August 2024


This Festival, in the delightful seaside town of Inverloch, has always been a good one, and has thrived post Covid.  All the regular Festival bands will be there again- and a few new faces thrown in for good measure.

Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival.jpg

Wangaratta Jazz Festival,  1-3 November 2024


Yes, you read that right: a bunch of local enthusiasts/dreamers/lunatics (not sure which, you decide) is proposing to revive the Festival, which we all thought had carked it ("The Last Hurrah") in 2023


The jam sessions are a side gig run by the Melbourne Jazz Jammers Inc., who are currently spending  more time on the upcoming Newport Festival which is our main focus for the next few weeks.


If you would like to volunteer for the Festival, or just help pack up after the Jam each week, you are unlikely to meet much resistance. Really...​

About Melbourne Jazz Jammers Inc.

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