The Jammers Bit: THERE AIN'T NO JAM UNTIL MAY 9th (Festival done and dusted)

We had such a good time last week, we are going to take two weeks off (Anzac Day for the Bowls Club, then the Festival for us).

Last Blast before whatever

We all rushed up from Cowderoy, threw the gear together and then sat back and... whoops no other piano players as they are all rehearsing for the Festival or something - so a spiffin' afternoon accompanying Jane the Little, Yuko the style queen, Aimee, the Rog, Captain Chaos, Jeff, Mr West, various Michaels and Roger, Steve Bray, The Perri, Marten and a coupla others on drums, an early total train Wreck from Deborah S, (she's getting good at those) and a grand finale Favela preceded by a new record for most train wrecks in a row....

Drum Roll Please....

Kay Young!   Apart from wrong tempo, terrible rhythm, singing the head, forgetting the words, and stuffing up the form on Three songs in a row, I think she got away with it...

Magnificent. Thank God we are taking two weeks off to recover.

See Ya at the Festival

The Trio Sessions

The Trio is at it again this week -

Victorian Wine Centre: 55 Armstrong Street, Friday 16th, 5 - 8pm with Katerina Myskova with Alan West (sax), meself and Dave Taylor (db).


Cowderoy Dairy Cafe for brunch, Sunday 18th 11am to 2pm ,with Aimee, the Captain, some old piano derro and the remarkably good Michael Currie on double bass.

Cowderoy is a bit subject to DVWP - which as all the poms would know stands for Deus vult, weather permitting. Armstrong Street was indoors last week and will be again - so it was a bit up and downExpect some class indoors for  the Wine Centre anyway.


This week should be twice as busy and just as good. It is all free, so drop in and say G'day

Volunteers for the Festival - the list is filling up

After a brief stint in Purdah, Jane Little Obergruppenfeuhrer for the Festival volunteers is back on the prowl. We have had more jammers put their hands up to help running the Festival but we are still actively looking for regular Jammers to act as door managers and ticketing staff for the Newport Festival - can you help? The deal is you get a free pass in addition to the hours you put in. It is a lot of fun, and you get to be the "face" of the Festival, so it is fairly important.

If you would like to give it a go, contact us through the contact form on this website, (the link is on the left hand side of this page) or talk to Jane Little direct on 0415077807. If that doesn't work, call Ted on 0431 968 982.

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