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The Oscar Beetroot Band, and other Jam session delights... 13/11/22

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The 1930's were not an easy time for the Oscar Beetroot Band. Despite their local notoriety, the band struggled with 5/4 time, and lost their clarinettist to an ingrowing toenail. It could not have happened at a worse time really, and probably didn't. Seasoned readers will recognise a bit of a yarn when they see one...

The Jam Session, on the other hand, saw 22 musicians try various ways of cocking up the simplest of jazz standards, and in many cases they succeeded admirably.. Buddy won the prize for the most missed intros by quite a margin, Karin of the golden fiddle took out the award for most extended solos, Jane, dressed in thigh high leather boots and sporting a whip and a sense of humour, (see note), soon flogged the Clark , the Ken and the Hirsch into a semblance of order

The arvo ended with a 10 piece band surgically dismembering Moondance in the forlorn hope finding another cliche. You wish!

A strangely distracted Good Captain ran the whole shebang with a gentle hand and seemed quite perplexed at the moments of chaos, but when you are on to a Good Thing, stick to it, I say.

Note: Jane will, of course, deny this, but only on the grounds it is slightly untrue..​

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