With all the hotshots away at Merimbula and Castlemaine, the Bowlo half empty and the weather decidedly gloomy, there didn't seem much point in having a Jam at all. As it turned out, a small group of the B Team turned up anyway, and proceeded to have a ball. After the new drum tech team (Tim and Pete!) had put the kit together, we started with Mike's charts for a change, and he didn't let us down. Andy Moon, hardly B Team, turned up, Pete played Drums all afternoon (and was pretty damn good!), Jane, Debra, Anthony and Artie sang, Keith and Calamatta classy on saxophone, Chuck (trumpet and some piano) added some class (much valued, barely needed as the B Team doesn't trade on that level as a rule).

Everyone got plenty of playing time, with barely a note out of place, and we didn't miss the hotshots one little bit (see important note below).

Important note below: now listen chaps, just because we had a good time instead of driving 800 kms or 250 kms in the rain, doesn't mean we should be too cocky. For heavens sakes, make the hotshots feel welcome on their return, or they wiill realise they got the pointy end of the pencil, and suuuuuulk.

One of the most enjoyable jam sessions in quite a while...

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