Farewell to the Royal Standard

So the sun sets on the Royal Standard, Frank reverts to a quieter life, as the last strains of Be go Bopping out the window… Well, it wasn’t quite like that, and if the truth be known, lots of peeps hacking into the pizzas, whilst we had rather a spiffin’ time of it in the back room/echo chamber. Although, it must be said, Captain C was still a bit crook, and didn’t play his saxololliphone at all – surely another first!


Whatever, Jeff Harris arced up for a while, then Will Fenech stepped in with the sweetest tone, and some smooth lines. The lad is getting seriously good…so the noise and drool brigade still acquitted themselves well.

And so, we are off to the Post Hotel, for Sunday 21st, 4.00pm on the corner of Inkerman and St Kilda Road. Some damn fool booked it for Easter Sunday, and you will all be in Church. If you could all sneek out once the Vicar gets to the sermon and starts bangin’ on, we should get a good turn out.

See ya then!

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