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Tonsil Time

Have the singers have taken over, at least for a while? Good grief, there were hundreds of them, or at least it seemed that way. Without naming names, there are some aspects of singing which are pretty much common to all singers:

Experience: often exaggerated. Owning to years of singing, quite at odds with the age you think you still are.

Vocal Range: sometimes exaggerated. There are singers who profess vocal ranges that would be beyond the abilities of a canary crossed with a bullfrog. Three and a half octaves anyone? Most singers can manage one and a half octaves, although we might wish they wouldn't.

Counting In: generally done by clicking the fingers at one tempo, waving the arms at another, starting at a third tempo, and adjusting to 3/4 time on the fly.

Avoiding Consistency: Doing things in a predictable and consistent way would take half the fun out of confusing the band, would it not?

But I digress....some jam session highlights:

Trumpeter David Ruis and singer Troy: not helped by some muddy microphones, but clearly having a ball.

Singer Fiona Stewart back for a second tilt at the windmill, showing a fine sense of humour by calling Harlem Nocturne. Obviously mistook some of us for real musicians, but we managed to mangle it without raising a sweat.

The sound: Possibly helped by the new layout - set out across the side wall, not in front of the window - the sound seemed a lot clearer, and we will definitely try this again.

Numbers were a bit down (post Collingwood victory hangover perhaps?), but the entertainment factor stayed high all arvo.

Thought for the Day: Sharps are evil, flats are good, and people who write charts with both side by side should be taken out early in the morning and shot, but in a nice way...

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