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Last week's jam session review went largely unheralded, due to a technical problem in the Bendigo Towers mailroom. The posties had run out of bicycles, and couldn't get the Newsletter out. Hardly anyone complained.

As is so often the way, this was the week we published the longest  Jam Session review ever, listing every single tune that was played with links to a variety of versions...

So, the second session should have been sparsely attended at best, but in practice it wasn't. Around 15 musos turned up. The sound was noticeably better than the first week - we are learning - and as a result, the standard of music (and we are still using that term laughably or loosely, I am not sure which) was higher.

Whatever, Adam Fford on bass got the sound right, Mike and Neville on guitars, using the jammers' guitar amp, sounded better than ever;  and Elly, growing in confidence sang the better than ever. All topped by a bass stint from the impeccable (from the latin peccavi, meaning sin, with im presumably meaning without), Dave Taylor.

Martin on drums, followed by Ash who only baulked at the one hurdle, Jane singing well with the two guitarists, Dave on flugelhorn a newcomer, and only one piano player, who was knackered before he even started.

A quieter day, satisfying nonetheless.

This week, (Feb 11th) The Notorious B Team, consisting of such reprobates as are not going to Port Fairy Jazz Festival that do turn up, will take over the joint. Should be a disaster, can't wait!

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