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Possibly Purple, Probably Not

Jam session review for 29th October 2023

Had the Jam Session been a colour, it would, probably, have justified the title for this review. Or not. Of the 21 musicians who got up and variously massacred, caressed, warbled, smacked and tooted a wide range of toons, not one of them mentioned the session's colour. Too busy being somewhat creative. It was a good session. Probably having Tony Luxmoore and a returning Jamie on bass helped.

First highlight of the day was Ruby the flute player. She looked quite like Ruby the saxophone player (who got up later) and could possibly have been related to Ruby the singer who turned up even later. Any which way, she has now scored the most mentions in a single review for quite some time. If you are going to play multiple instruments, do them all well - and she did.

What else you may ask? The Calamatta the pick of the instrumentals - smooth tone as ever. In the tap and rattle department - Martin and Mark unobtrusively solid, and Mr Hirsch back to his avuncular best.

In a rash moment, we suggested to guitarist San he might play louder - he did, and to good effect. Apologies to the piano players league (this is getting a bit obscure, but they will understand!)

Singers? You bet: Jane, Elly, Kevin Ruby, Lisbeth Ashley Rose and Lynda sang - the latter scatting with the sort of aplomb that comes with a degree from one of those new fangled universities oop north - although we had to wait a while to hear this, the best v of the day. Ellie apparently unmentionable, at least by her own reckoning, Jane sang the best she has in a while.

Sax man Keith welcome back from his travels, and the Good Captain played a great toon - Europa, or some such - probably the pick of the day.

And that was the purple patch.

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