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Not another jam session review

(29th October 2023)

In the absence of any memory of the last jam (it has been a hard week), I append some musings on the various jammers, and other deeply philosophical observations of... nah that is never going to fly...

From the archives, then.

Guitarists; half of them frustrated rock guitarists. We can fix that with a rock and a guitar: bash the two together until the noise subsides.

Drummers; You can be as rude as you like about drummers, provided you use long words. Then they don't seem to mind at all...

Singers: somewhere between the intro and the outro, there lies a deeply insecure person who can't remember the words,apparently counts in multiples of 5, and thinks they control a number of subservient underlings, other wise called "the band"

Saxophonists: They must be deaf, judging by their volume. We sometimes wish we were too..

Pianists: when they stop, the band stops. At least, that is the theory. In practice, no-one pays any attention to anyone, so, piano players, you can moan as much as you like, it won't change a thing.

The odd musician turns up who defies categorisation. Austrian nose flute, bassoon, bagpipes, TV remote and confusion: whatever your bag, you are welcome as it makes the rest of us look normal.

Which, let's face it, we probably are..

About Melbourne Jazz Jammers Inc.

The jam sessions are set up and run by the not for profit association, which also raises funds for, and then runs, the Newport Jazz Festival. The Association membership comprises the Festival Organising Committee. There is no membership fee, and it is possible the sessions set themselves up and put themselves away without human intervention, but I doubt it. Feel free to help, and if you would like to offer your services to the Organising Committee, put your hand up. As musical talent is not a prerequisite, almost any of the jammers could do this....





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