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Newsletter 18th November 2021

Last week: A little Jam Session​

A dull sort of a day, with a few damp bowlers huddled on the verandah and not a soul in sight on the greens. A good day for joining the jam session, and that is what we did.

A small turn out, and I wouldn't say the music was great. It might have been, but I wouldn't say it... we all took a while to warm up, and really, it wasn't until the Taylor turned up that things took a turn for the better. Smooth Double Bass makes such a difference. Steve Martin took over later on, and also played a neat set.

After a while, the good Captain realised, to his horror probably, that there no less than seven saxophonists (GC, Laurie, Jeff, Michael, Cardinal Calamatta, Alan W, and Roger Clarke), all intent on blowing up a storm. One saxophologist was much, much better than all the rest, but I can't remember which one. Suit yerselves...That and the seven vocalists (Kay, Jane, the Divine Miss Smith, Debra, Deborah,Rick and Aimee) contributed to a busy arvo for the Good Captain, but in the end, it was handled with aplomb. Which, as you may recall, is not a 14th century sackbut derivative at all. But I digress.

Michael well led the guitar cohort, which included two newcomers, who may have been called Ned and Edouard, but maybe weren't. You know who you are - please come again.

Drummers Martin and then the Hirsch played, err.., drums. This is a technical pursuit which involves holding two sticks and hitting things. People who can do this are called drummers. Sometimes..

So... as the evening drew near, Rick sang Nature Boy, and then Aimee Everett got up to close the session with a quietly understated version of Summertime., for me, the pick of the day.

Nice way to end a pleasant afternoon's ballad mangling. Next week, Smoke on the Water, Bach's 34th Toccata and Fugue, or something else. You can never tell. and Hortense will definitely be a chance for this one...


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