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Young, Talented,or Delusional

A review of the Jam Session 17th September

​Another busy jam - leavened with the return of old friends, among them about 30% less of Alan West than when we last spoke, but great to have a yarn. His comments on musicians were as astute as ever, and then a coupla terrific vocalists, Sammie and Kirstie. Whereupon Anthony Pell, the Ruis, Agus and Ben Hooper swanned in.

None of which left the regular jammers in the shade for very long - sharp contributions from Jane, (tonsils) from Jeff, the Good C and Mike Holt (sax). Good grief, we even had bass players (Steve Martin and the aforementioned Anthony P)

Dean maybe the pick of the guitars this week, he must have forgotten to play too loud; and a cameo from Marion on recorder - the A Train was taken along nicely..

In a recent post, we pushed the notion that we always give everyone an opportunity to ruin their (musical) reputation but with 27 musos the Captain did well to fit them all in.

If you have read this far, and I haven't mentioned you, it is because you are all too young, talented and/or delusional. Whatever - stick to the black keys, they are cheaper....

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