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And That Was That

Jam Session Review for 17th December - and farewell to the Victorian Wine Centre

It was, in the end, a friendly, busy session - all the regulars (almost) were there, plus the usual assortment of surprises.

We started with just a few musos, notably two trumpets, (Graham and John Bell) which made a nice change, and, as has often been the case of late, guitarists Neville and Mike taking turns on the bass - to good effect.

By the time we were done, 25 musos had had a dip - all of them in the fin de siecle sort of mood that precedes packing up the gear and heading for who knows where.

Many thanks to Steve and Penny, Ozatthebar, Robyn who has been to every session since we started, and to all of you who pitched in when needed. You know who you are.

And that was that. What, you may ask, of 2024? We will see....





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