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A Gallimaufry of Drummers

A review of the Jam Session 24th September 2023

We asked the Good Captain what he thought of the Jam. He said he'd get back to us.

We asked Madge from Altona - although we haven't seen her for a while.

Perhaps Hortense? No, she was busy pumping up the tyres on the vicar's bicycle although none of us know why.

Were it up to me, and hopefully it is not, I would have said that the jam was an exercise in moderation: - featuring a desultory opening guitar stanza, a plethora of bass players, a gallimaufry of drummers, most of whom were not Mike Hirsh, (although he did seem to drum longer than the others), a barrowload of warblers, all good; and a young, talented, modest and deeply delusional piano player who started knackered as usual, and ended even knackereder. I think that is a word.

In such circumstances did 17 musos have a bit of craic. Nobody died, nothing got broken.

Talk amongst yerselves, we'll do it all again on Sunday

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