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Jam session review (26th November 2023)

Twenty five musicians can't all be wrong  - or can they? This was a session notable (*) for its nine vocalists, not counting Chrissie and Lisbeth, who didn't get to sing - sorry, chaps. The standard (**)varied from abysmal to really quite good - best of the arvo was Tony Luxmoore, hot on piano, and, perhaps, Ivan on bass. Well, they each made the other sound good.

Andria made a welcome return ( we'll get the lost bars back later); Elly surprised everyone (except the few who have heard her at a gig) with a confident performance; Debbie and Fiona reprised Summertime - amongst other things; and Gentleman John Curtis really got  going with his accompaniment of Paul - can't remember the name of the song, but Paul can really sing, and this really cooked.

Susy popped up, took some vid, posted it on Facebook, looped out again. Festival themed social media grows apace!

Only one person scored a ride in an ambulance - the drama all happened outside whilst the jammers played on, oblivious...

And we finished late, packed up happy/knackered, and trudged off into the real world for another week....

The Jammers Notoriously Unreliable Pre Christmas Bash

Sunday 17th December, at the Victorian Wine Centre, 22 Armstrong Street, 2.00pm start, finish when we're done..

Readers of this august organ are cordially invited to drop in on our last Jam Session for the Year.

Particularly welcome are

  • Those who have played at a jam during 2024 (that is around  70 musicians if we use that term as loosely as possible)

  • Those who have not played at a jam since, well.. ever really (***) 

  • Those who have been meaning to come to a jam, but have not got round to it yet

  • All the musos who turned up but didn't bring their instrument (probably at least 20 - this is more common than you might think!)

  • Those who read the Newsletter, (about 3)

  • Those who just look at the pictures, (at least 4)

  • Any one else (****)

(*) Notable session: Dora Trout will be taking the notes

(**) The Standard Varied: I am indebted to POCKOTL for pointing out that the Jammers have standards, above which we will not rise.

(***)  I've googled this and it would be  7,888,999,930 if Google is accurate, which of course it isn't.  And in saying that, I am not entirely sure that saying Google isn't accurate isn't accurate. 

(****) Any one else: If no-one turns up, we will simply play Little Sunflower until the audience cracks and someone calls the Fire Brigade, the Noise Abatement Society, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Audiences, and the nearest retirement village to see if there any vacancies





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