Seven Guitarists - What was I thinking?

Captain Chaos away wreaking havoc in Merimbula is always a good opportunity to shake things up a little, so last week I posted the following ad on Melband under “Guitarists Wanted”

The Leinster Arms, Gold Street, Collingwood, on Sunday, 10th June from 4.00pm to 7.30pm or later.

It is free,somewhat disorganised on occasion, and a great opportunity to develop your jazz chops and meet other musos. Just rock up, introduce yourself, and we’ll do the rest. You will most likelyplay with a four or five piece combo, (typically, singer, piano,bass, drums and saxaphone). The standard varies from mediocre through moderate, to full on. There were 22 musos there last week and no guitarists…

Bonus points will be awarded to guitarists who can read a chart, like to solo, can shut the f* up when someone else is soloing, can trade licks with another muso, can maybe hold down the rhythm section without a piano, and can then sit out after a few toons and let someone elsehave a turn.

Enthusiasm essential, charts a bonus, performance anxiety optional and competence to be well concealed as a kindness to others..

See ya there? You have nothing to lose but your dignity…

So . . .

In seven days, there have been 298 hits on the ad, and a surprising number of guitarists turned up last Sunday. Just as well, because the piano was playing up, and the session ended with a smooth as guitar/bass/sax/drums instrumental set. Props to Ashley from Wangaratta, who turned up early (Friday night) but stayed for the Sunday session, and to Tom Lorenzo, the pick of a pretty good bunch,who showed how a guitar could really sing in a five piece setting…, and to all the others who joined in. Add some fine singing frpom Melinda, some scatting from Chelly, and a whole bunch of audience having a good time – and the Lunatic Soup Lounge was heaving once again.

Next week, I am advertising for Tuba players, mythical mexican noseflutes, and bagpipe players, the latter on the proviso that they don’t bring their bagpipes…

Catchya round the traps…TW

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