Tonsil week at the Lunatic Soup Lounge

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Nine singers!

You can never tell what will happen next at the Leinster Lunatic Soup Lounge – one week there can be twenty plus musos making the most appalling racket, and the next week there can be the most appalling racket made by twenty plus musos. I have tried checking to see if we are all using the same charts, and sadly, the answer is often yes. Sometimes there will be one or two charts upside down, but this only results in a barely discernible improvement… fortunately, the musically challenged and lightly medicated audience doesn’t seem to mind, although they show a preference for fat chips rather than the skinny variety, which do not fit as neatly in the ear, apparently.

But I digress: Tonsil week: a packed Gossip Shop last Sunday, with at least 9 singers other than Jack that I can remember – umm… Chelly, Chloe, Melinda, Candace, Virginia, Millie, (three newcomers, all good), Kay, Debbie, La Smiff; the last three finishing with a three part rendition of Take The A Train, carefully posteritised by Alf who proceeded to put the whole thing on Facebook. Check it out, if only for the guitar solo that could only be described as unique. Hopefully.

Lots of other musos rocked up, (Curtis, Vincenzo, Danilo, two Pauls, Ali the Plastic, Keef, Bob, Brian, Avi etc. etc.) and played some fine music (note use of word some) all led by the Captain, who should know better but cares not to….

Happy days: see ya there next week? TW

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