The Umbrella Bar

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

This was the regular venue of the jammers bands for a while

Last week, Angela Strickland sang beautifully, with meself on piano and Ivan on Bass, the Captain soloing and no drums, due to an oversight in the Booking Department. Not a huge crowd, but a well entertained one.

This Friday, John Curtis will be tickling the hopefully tuned by now ivories, and the Divine Miss Smiff will be singing, as only the Divine Miss Smiff can. The DMS has a long history of theatre musical, may be wearing Spandex and sporting a feather boa, but may not , has a predilection for cocktails, and hasn’t been up before the Magistrate in the last three years. Actually, I haven’t checked that last bit, so it might not be true.

A diverse selection of songs, including the weird and wonderful probably, Entertainment guaranteed.

The Divine Miss Smiff at the Umbrella Bar 338 – 340 Glenhuntly Road, Friday 1st August, 7.30pm – 10pm


Anne Smith, singing with her eyes shut, and, for that reason, entirely missing the microphone… she won’t remember this, but it was a great set at Halls Gap Jazz Festival.

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