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The Pot Pourri

Jam Session Review 13th March

The Middle Park Bowls Club, bless 'em, was even busier than the week before. Dropping off the gear took twenty minutes of close manoeuvering in a crowded car park.

Worth it though, because the ensuing jam session displayed a range of musician skills much wider than usual (*)

David Lole started by laying some exquisite piano. Then guitarist Lee, one of the few Poms to make it to Australia without going through the courts, or so he tells us, set the bar deplorably high. This was offset by Queenslander Jack on trumpet, who, by his own admission was not used to this sort of thing. I am pretty sure he enjoyed himself., and we enjoyed his playing. In between were Reg on banjo (**), Tim who had been meaning to bring his clarinet down for quite a while (***), and the usual band of suspects - Martin, the Hirsch, Curtis the Debonair, Debbie on tonsils, Jane and Aneta ditto, Kevin singing I can't remember what, and Marion on recorder playing So What.

All of which made for an entertaining pot pourri, (****) ably guided by the Good Captain (who also sounded pretty good on sax). Sixteen musos, which is a lower count than usual, but that meant more playing time all round. What's not to like?


* musician skills much wider than usual. This cuts both ways. Gee we were really bad on occasion.

(**) banjos were invented to make the accordion sound better. This often works a treat, but in this case we detected Reg playing chromatic changes. Sophisticated stuff, but not to be taken seriously, we don't want to damage our reputation for incompetence. The accordion's abysmal reputation remains unchallenged.

(***) Apparently Tim has been reading the Newsletter and thought the sessions sounded interesting. We can fix that later.

(****) For those of you who are not certain what a pot pourri might be, it is a herbal mixture, to be waved about whenever the music is on the nose, or called Little Sunflower, or what ever.

Looking Forward This Sunday, we will expect the unexpected again, and may be going to get the Captain to count us in play the verse and call fours on every tune, including a full length rendition of Little Sunflower. Haven't decided what to do with the spare time but could be finished by Wednesday afternoon or thereabouts.


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