The Leinster Arms Gets Better and Better. Only the music stays the same…

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

And my favourite Madge story

Wandered in to find everyone milling about, and nothing getting started. But in no time, six drummers  (*) had turned up, and it soon became clear that this session was going to be noisier than some. Aided and abetted by four or five saxaphones, Julian back from the States on flugel, and a whole bunch of others on , ermm, other things.

So, a goodly sized and knowledgeable (**) audience, and around 20 musos; including a couple who turned up without their instruments, just to check it all out, and swore they would be back. Brian and Anton on bass, Ben and Yassim on guitars, Gentleman John Curtis, Bob and meself on piano, and the Captain leading out Ali, Trent, and a coupla others on sax.

Amongst the Singers:  Chelly, Sevil polishing her chops for her turn at the Grand on 30th August, Rose, the Divine Miss Whatever, and newcomer Sam who had not intended to sing as she didn’t know any songs…so we suggested Moondance, and discovered that she was right… but a good voice, and a pretty good first up effort – hope she comes back.

Madge from Altona was not there. She goes on her annual holidays around this time of year, seeking sun, surf, and sensation, or at least one out of three. After the Rooty Hill misunderstanding of 2011, she got thrown off the plane again last year, this time  due to a bomb scare. The bomb was terrified. Anyway, she casually mentioned that she was doing Broken Hill this year, because she likes to get around. She will, as is her wont, start by seeking out the roughest pub in town (***), and I daresay by the time she gets back, Broken Hill won’t just be broken, it will be devastated. Next year she says she is going to Mount Isa. If Isa happens to read this, I’d suggest she make herself scarce… TW


(*) Drummers: you can be as rude as you like about drummers, provided you use lots of words with more than one syllable. Then they don’t mind at all.

(**) Knowledgeable Audience: I checked this by asking each one if they thought the music was dreadful.. they all said “I know”…

(***)  The roughest pub in town: that’s the one where they employ bouncers to chuck the patrons in.

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