The Jammers Pre Christmas Bash

This year's Pre Christmas Bash is at the old Post Hotel, corner of Inkerman and St Kilda Road, since revamped and renamed High Road Cantina, this Sunday 12th December. 1.00 for lunch, (classy, but maybe a bit pricey, South American cuisine) and we will start making a racket in the traditional dreadful way at 2.00 sharp. Or flat if you are a saxophone.

If you have been to a jam in the past year, or if you haven't (that covers most people) you are cordially invited to join in. We will be celebrating the end of another appalling year by murdering a few classics in the traditional manner. There will be prizes and surprise appearances. Silly hats too, if the Divine Miss Smith remembers..

Parking is doddle on a Sunday. If St Kilda Road is full, try round the corner in Inkerman - there is a car park in Bath street (first left) but you will have to walk at least 100 yards. This is an easy walk, but drummers are reminded to remove the chewing gum if doing two things at once proves too hard.

Easy innit? Well, not necessarily - the Melboure Marathon is on that morning, and should be clear of Fitzroy Street by then, but traffic may be banked up still so allow a bit of extra time.

And then we will go on until everyone is done or James the manager gets sick of us. He has been warned what to expect.

Double vaxed required - you know the drill, and the building is well ventilated - expect a howling gale...


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