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The Jack Morris Memorial

Jam Session Review for 27th March 2022

The Jack Morris Memorial went off rather more smoothly than the Bendigo Towers mandarins had planned. A great day!

A bright start from the Port Phillip Show Band, followed by Sergeant Farrell and the Masters, and boy, have they improved over the last two years, then The Rathdowne Street Big Band and the Moreland City Phoenix Project Big Band

A full house. 20 saxophones and 10 pianists.

Followed by an electric set from Howard, Fem and Zvi Belling, and then a surprise set from Michelle Forbes. Did that steal the show? Well, they were all good. Lisette Payet, John Curtis, David Lole and Nicole Thorne accompanied, but props to Zvi for staying the course and playing immaculate bass.

Followed by most of the 26 regular jammers that the Good Captain counted, all of whom had names, but shall remain nameless... except for:

Debra Woodroffe: she could have sung, would have smoked it, and didn't. Thanks Deb!

Buddy: In fine form, the Budster came along to enjoy the show, meet a few peeps, and cheerfully declined the offer to sing. Next time, Buddy!

And Roger Clark, or was it the disreputable Sir Roger de Coverley? Either way, the black sax stayed pouched, and it was good to see him drop by.

Followed by the ever smiling Kevin Rolfe, who didn't get a guernsey, but can sing as well as any and better than most. The only singer in the current crew who can sing in (just about) any key. Or tempo sometimes...

How strange that some of the very best musicians sat it out, and everyone else got a turn.

I ended the day with a chat with Jack's wife Audrey, along the lines of this might be the last of the big band music, and was it maybe a relief? She assured me that big band music gets in your blood, stays there, and that she had had a great day. Jack would have been proud.

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