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Myrtle doesn't like jazz

Jam session review for Sunday 7th April 2024

I once spent a somewhat bucolic afternoon at Cafe Loup in Greenwich Village, listening to a hot trio play, in three sets, familiar standards, less well known but intriguing jazz tunes, and finally stuff the three of us had never heard before, but well enjoyed. The bill came to 18 pints of beer and one hamburger. And only because one of us wasn't drinking much.

So when Myrtle confessed she didn't like jazz, it was a fair bet that she only listened to the third set type of music. You need your ears tuned for that sort of thing.

And what, you may ask, is the relevance of this to last week's jam session? Well, you decide, I wasn't there, and nor was Myrtle.

But quite a lot of good musos were: the turn up included 

 - John Curtis, Lisette Payet, Malcolm Hornby and Ric, all on piano, but not, I am told, all at the same time.

 - Jeff, Fabrico (the Brazilian), Keith, The Good Captain and even Roger C on Adolphe Sax's invention.

 - Ruby, Lizbeth and Brigid doing some tonsil work. 

 - Neville, Mike Harper, Roger Evans and  Sandeep all twanging away. 

 - Bill and Ben Ugna (sic) on drums. 

 - Andy De Mohun Moon, Ivan  Sultanoff and Aristotle Ki on bass. Don't know the last one but he was in some good company .

 - And....Fabio Barretto (from Uruguay) on Harmonica

Cafe Loup went broke three times and closed for good in about 2017. Serafina is flourishing, at least on Sundays!

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