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Jam session review for Sunday 3rd March 2024

Turned up late at around 3.30, and discovered I was the only one there. Knowing that several of the regulars had gone to Castlemaine for their moment of glory in the eponymous Jam Session there, I really thought we might be seeing the first ever cancellation.

I could have used an afternoon off, but it was not to be: in the end 14 musos fronted, amongst them only two singers Armelle and Jane, and, yet again, no drummers.

For some reason, (there may be several in the preceding para) the sound was better than usual. And we got the best set I have heard in years.....

Jeff Harris (tenor), Fermin Navascues (guitar), Adam Fforde (fretless bass), and Tony Luxmoore (piano) - take a bow, that was damn good:

Summertime, Blue Bossa, Angel Eyes

Amongst the rest of us: Keith Hughes reprised Doxy, which used to be a regular staple, Armelle romped confidently through September in The Rain, Jane Little , the only singer not from California, essayed a complex take on Lover Man Where Can You Be, and succeeded; John "Cardinal" Calamatta, sans red cap I think, as mellifluous as ever on You Don't Know What Love Is.

Props to Adam Fforde, who carried his bat through the whole three hours, never played a bum note (we'd have to show him how, probably) and sank a well earned beer at stumps.

Neville, Roger E, meself, the two barmen, and wonder of wonders, at least six locals who come every week, enjoyed being the audience.

Strewth? Nice One!

Shenanigans will resume at 4.00pm at Serafina, on Sunday 10th March.

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