Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel … expectations, and surprises June 2018

Updated: Sep 30

As cold as a witches tit at the Junk this past week – hardly expected anyone to turn up, but they did. Hardly expected any singers, but in the end, we got to five. Didn’t expect anyone from Ballarat, but Bobby Ballinger arrived with some promos on the Australian Jazz Convention and winter jazz series, sang for his supper too.

Added to which Pete played way too many bass notes for a while, but settled down to play some fine blues and soul, which would be his forte. Not to be outdone, it was good to see Ivan back with his five string double bass.

Sticks Findlay arrived early, to set up the drums, followed by Bill.

Knew Neil could torch some guitar, and Mark sat in amongst others, but didn’t know Vlad could sing, but he backed up his guitar playing with a rousing rendition of Mustang Sally, during which the saxophones, as expected, played way too loud but had a lot of fun.

Keyboard players Gentleman John C, Malcolm and meself all kept ourselves nice, as keyboard players are wont to do.Singer Carol showed off her new chart books, neatly arranged and neatly sung. The Late Miss Smith turned up late ish, which is positively early by her standards – if she has standards, but I suspect they are idiosyncracies instead..

All marshalled by Captain Chaos, who understandably got everyone out of sync, got them back in and found a spot for almost everyone in the end.

See ya Sunday? TW

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