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Sausages 27/2/22

Here at Bendigo Towers, windswept global headquarters of the Jazz Jammers Emprire, we are sometimes given to wondering

(a) Why does anyone turn up to a jam when we do our best to drag them down to our level

(b) What is the meaning of life, if not 42


(c) Who, what when, why where did what happen?.

Then we delete (a) and (b) which remain, to Hortense's consternation, unanswered. Probably a good thing. No, Hortense, consternation, what did you think we said?

So...Diving right in, props to Steve Martin who turned up and played mucho bass. many of the jammers would not have realised that this is the best we have heard him play. Ever.

Then Martin from Germany, who started hot, kept that way, and was rather fun to play with. Do they advertise the jam in Hockenheim? Typical German bass player, pretty good, and he spoke better English than the rest of us.

Sax therapy: Jeff Harris on the alto sax getting a few notes out of his system; Laurie, who nailed Sugar with Malcolm on keys, or was it M who nailed it. Both actually. Calamatta still smooth, dropping at the B section to confuse Roger (guitar), or was it Fermin. Both regularly confused so.. whatever.

Singers: Jane opened, followed by Aneta, Gaelle turned up and sang, and it was nice to have a pro there, followed by Rick, Buddy and Kevin - really, the male singers shone this session.., Debbie, DebbieandRick (nice duet guys!) followed by Ruby who has a rich voice that is beginning to impress.

Malcolm Davies (sax), Martin Clifton tidy on drums, then the Hurch positively relaxed, and all of a sudden, we come to the end of the jam, pack up and reflect on an afternoon well spent. We sometimes stuff a lot of notes into a bag and see how it turns out - sausages sometimes, but in this case, tasty all the same...

Next week beckons, and quite a few of us are looking forward to it...

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