Rob McCue - 10/06/21

The Memorial bash for Rob McCue has been postponed yet again. Doncha' just love that pandemci lockdown stuff. We will keep you posted. Looking at an October date now.

The Next Jam Session:Nate is waiting for a further easing

The Crystal Ball department has been working overtime, and has come up with the following precisely calibrated estimate of when the Jam Sessions are likely to resume:- dunno.

Not for at least four weeks, with further adjustment necessary, but only on a day to day basis.

We understand some Jazz Jammers have already driven to the nearest vaccination site for their jab: this is a statistically risky exercise, as you would be much safer walking...

The Victorian Wine Centre, Beachcombers and Challis Street Fandango : all shut down once more...

In a record week for cancelling sessions:

We approached the Wine Centre manager Steve with some trepidation to say we could not, in good conscience, play the 5 - 8pm session as the lockdown had already been announced. Young Steve gave a pretty good imitation of stoicism and is looking forward to when we return

Ditto the Beachcombers session advertised last week.

And throw in the Challis Street Fandango which also got locked down.

Would You like to play a session? We are mainly looking for drummers, singers, bass players, guitarists, saxophonists, pianists, trumpeters and players of the bagpipe, but almost any thing would do. Jammers eager to play at one of these sessions should contact us now, so we have plenty of time to cancel you at the last minute....

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