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Jam Session Review for 11 September 2022

You meet the strangest people at a Jam Session. The Bowls Club was over-run by a bunch of excited 9 years olds, with the parents (aka The Guilty Parties) in tow. Not one of them got up to sing or play, so the afternoon could have a been a lot worse . I had quite persuaded myself that this would be a quiet one - it wasn't of course and by the time we got to Mustang Sally we were all well cooked.

First up, Roger, sporting some ace gravel rash after a scooter inspired face plant. We all thought it an improvement, but the sax playing stayed the same. The Debonair Mr Curtis and his strange guitar made an early foray; Jane singing, followed by sets from Anthony, Charles, the Debster, Mia and Annie. Newcomer Mia essayed several songs in several keys, possibly slightly put off by the five muscians (see, we can do irony/comedy) who did not know the songs, and weren't entirely sure where they were, where they should be, or indeed, why.

The sax department Jeff, Laurie, Michael were satisyingly awful, and eventually went on a protracted blues binge, aided and abetted by the Hirsch. Rather fun in a rowdy sort of way.

A welcome return by Roger (guitar) after a prolonged pit stop or something. Dean back, and the pick of the guitars.

Newcomer Steve on bass from a blues background was given a bit of an ordeal by fire to start, but cheerfully tackled more than three chords in a single session. Steve Martin the best double bass player of the afternoon. Also the worst double bass player of the afternoon.

Jim and Martin swapped drum duties, both good. Tim had an off day, by his own admission. Being that critical of his own performance rather suggests he is developing as a musician.

So,. to Mustang Sally, and a cameo from Annie on drums. By which time we were partly knackered, industrially deaf and in need of a rest.

A noisy session. Will next week be as good? Who knows, I don't but I will happily turn up to find out..


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