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No Jam Last Week (but turn up on Easter Sunday)

Apparently there were 400,000 or so desperates locked up in Albert Park until they had emptied their bank accounts to the benefit of the Grand Prix organisation.

As a gesture of goodwill, the Jam Sessions organisers, and I use that term laughably as we have never yet managed to properly organise a jam session, elected to hold off for the duration. We did not wish to run the risk of drowning out the soothing sounds of a Grand Prix with the sort of appalling racket that only a jam session can produce.

In any case, Hortense, who might have been at the Middle Park Chateau de Plonk otherwise, had already submitted her application to be a grid bunny or pit tart, whichever got her the most exposure, and Madge had decided to stay home with a catering pack of Winnies, a goonbag of port and a speechless Merchant seaman.

So... talk amongst yerselves, and the next Jam Session will be on Easter Sunday 9th April, 3.30pm start, at the Victorian Wine Centre, 22 Armstrong Street, Middle Park.


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