Newsletter 5th November 2021

We're Back.. Jazz Jam Sunday 7th November 2021

Clearly, Nate at the Bowls Club has quite forgotten what a dreadful racket we make, and is eagerly awaiting the Jammers return, 4.00pm start, this Sunday 7th November.

We really hope a few will turn up, at least enough to justify the effort of putting all the gear back together, and look forward to catching up with a few of jammers accordingly.

The Jam Session is at Middle Park Bowls Club, off Canterbury Road, opposite the Middle Park Hotel. Plenty of parking, or the Number 96 tram if you prefer.


Be ready to show your double vaxed (OED word of the year so we can use it here) certificate at the door - the management will be checking these.

Castlemaine Jam Session: Sunday 7th November 2021.

As foreshadowed last week, this is on, and John Hannah has a few vacant slots left. If you have already booked, fine, but if you are seriously contemplating fleeing the metrop to avoid the aforementioned dreadful racket, it would be prudent to check first - there is still a limit on audience numbers as well as on muscians for this one. Check with John on 0435651072

Same restrictions apply (show your vax certificate at the door). Sunday 7th November at the Fabulous Maurocco Bar, Castlemaine. 2.00 start, I think...

The Challis Street Fandango

Aneta sang last week, Michael Currie wowed the locals on double bass, and the rest of us were the usual rubbish, but had a ton of fun doing it.

Victorian Wine Centre:

Two great sessions by Annie Smith, and a first up blinder by Aneta - this is looking increasingly like a regular fixture, and Yuko Onishi fronts up on Thursday, 11th November, 5.00pm - 8.00pm at the Victorian Wine Centre, 22 Armstrong Street, Middle Park.


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