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Newsletter 24/October 21

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Jammers Newsletter 24/10/21

Now, Where Were We? The Next Jam Session...

It has been, as Hortense observed ruefully only the other day, quite a while... but it does look as though we might be starting up again - cue woeful racket vaguely connected to jazz, whatever that is. It has been so long, we can barely remember. No, Hortense, that is not what we meant.

Whatever, pin back yer lug'oles and read on..

Jam Sessions: The Good Captain has been talking to Middle Park Bowls Club Manager Nate, and, all being well. we will have the first comeback debacle on Sunday November 7th. We are planning the day as follows:

3.30pm Nobody there, we will try and remember how to set up the gear.

3.47pm Still nobody there, mad dash back to Chateau Emilton to collect replacement wotsit found to be missing, without which, there can be no jam session. You should be so lucky..

3.53pm Said wotsit is found, meaning mad dash etc. was entirely unnecessary, fi getting to be traditional...

4.00pm Finish setting up and the more rabid jammers arrive in dribs and drabs, all taxis, charabancs, bicycles and Nipple Pink FX Holdens being otherwise engaged.

4.03pm Start with Little Sunflower or something equally dire. Aagh! Fortunately all is not lost as equipment has been incorrectly assembled, and we pause Little Sunflower for quite a while (preferably until about forever) so we can pull all the cables out and put them in their rightful sockets. No, Hortense, that is not what we meant. Having two wotsits where one would do doesn't help.

4.23pm Jam Session proper starts: and a right proper racket it will probably be.


7.32pm Tremendous finish all well satisfied, even Hortense for once, although she prefers twice.

8.33pm The Divine Miss Smith makes a late appearance expecting immediate gratification, and we have to do it all over again.

Or something like that...

We'll let you know. Toodlepip!


The Three Chord Club... not.

We had hoped to promote John Hannah's side venture, The Three Chord Club, but instead have to report that the Guildford Hotel has closed its doors for the time being. It looks as though the licence may change ownership, which can presumably lead to the incoming managers pursuing a policy of making money, even though that has not, apparently, worked in the past.

The Three Chord Club is, as a consequence, about three chords short of a venue. If we hear any positive news, you will be the first to know....


The Castlemaine Jam Session, sort of...

Late breaking news: John Hannah has found room for a few more bands - and as of today, it looks like travel from Melbourne will be permitted (after 80% vax rate is passed). So get yer application in - contact Chop Chop!

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