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Mo' Choc Jam Session Review 26th Feb

Another day, another doughnut. And 22 musos eventually turned up at the Vic Wine for a pleasant afternoon on the outside - at least, pleasant once the wind had dropped, which it did almost as soon as the Hirsch stopped complaining. Admittedly, it would have almost blown Hortense's mantilla clean off her head had she been there, which, of course she wasn't. Probably.

So who was there? Neville turned up early to heave the gear around, the Hirsch got to set the drums up to his liking - sideways facing the band which makes good sense, so we might do that again. A couple of new singers -Anthony first, apologising for singing Fly Me To The Moon 'cos he thought we would think it cheesy. Well, it is just you and old Frankie boy, and about three gazillion others; and we thought you presented and sang it well. Later on, Annetta, (and if that spelling is wrong blame Linco R Target not me) sang some neat latin with a sense of style, transcending the massed saxophones (The Good Captain and Keef) and guitars (Neville and Mike the Scottish Pom) and pianos (Daniel O and the debonair Mr Curtis in fine form) which were conspiring to drown her out. And didn't.

Steve Martin played stick bass with aplomb, whatever that is, Simon got up for a stint on electric bass, and as evening drew near, so did Chrissie and Bruce. We ended the session, on the Debster's insistence, with Canteloupe Island, and Stormy Monday. Nice one, Les!

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