Meanwhile, back at the Lunatic Soup Lounge, Colliwobbles finest…

Remembering names can be a problem...

I had half expected the joint to be empty when Bob and I strolled in. I was half right, it was half empty…

Which didn’t last for long – ended up being a busy little session, with the biggest turn out of first timers for a long time – and I am not going to name them all, but here goes: first stanza, Ron (drums) and Graham (piano) accompanying an elegant young singer called, um, err, look, you are probably thinking I have forgotten her name, and you are probably right, but she sang some interesting stuff and we hope to see  um, err, look, you are probably thinking I have forgotten her name again, and you are probably right, again … then came Ron on piano, killer right hand, hasn’t been to a jam for years, and a bit later, Andrew on drums – he was just walking passed the Gold Street Gossip Shop, heard the music, went in to complain and stayed all day…

Plus Jess, Bishop Bennett, Putna Mondrum, the Captain, Ali and, for what turns out to be his last appearance Eric The Moose (saxophone). He is off on his travels but added a touch of Canadian Class to proceedings – see ya Champ!

All of which has made for a busy week – but if you haven’t got anything on this Sunday, get out  of bed, get dressed, go home, have a late lunch, and we’ll see ya for a beer at 4pm..

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids! TW

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