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Well, that has settled the question of where we might go if the Bowls Club closes early again. The Wine Bar proved to be a great venue, with more people than we have seen there in a year.

15 musos got up and boogied, quite a few more sat and listened - and the standard of music was disgustingly high. It is alright being precocious, but don't dissuade the proletariat...

Gentleman John Curtis kicked off on his stick bass, and got to play some piano later, whilst Dave Taylor took over. Martin provided, and played, the drums (his goodest set, so we were impressed!) with later sets from Bruce Maddigan and the Hirsch. Roger the Cad accompanied Jane Little in an early foray, the Debster sang a few good numbers (and not the ones she had rehearsed), Aneta put up a set with the trio, plus Rob Broach (guitar) adding some class, and saxophonist Michael torching Don't Think Twice. Some of us struggle to think once, but I digress. Chrissie a late starter, caught the attention of Steve the host, Anthony possibly the pick of them on the day with an intense version of Blame it On My Youth. Doug (trumpet and flugel) a newcomer, impressed, and Tim clarinetted through Embraceable You, a slow and difficult ballad, possibly written by a New Zealand Sheep Farmer during a slow and difficult winter, but I digress, again...

And Captain Chaos ended the session with a noisy version of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and a sense that the day had gone rather well...

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