Jammers Newsletter 22nd Nov

21st November: A pleasant stroll in the Park​

Albert Park, that is. They were even playing bowls at the Bowlo, which, given recent weather, is quite a change. So the Jammers come in and throw a few ripples across the gentle pond of Sunday arvo. Actually, a smashing little jam session - not many peeps there, but some good stuff going on:

Jane's take on Four, Malcolm on keys, and the band studiously ignoring guitarist Edvard, sensibly as he clearly knew it better than anyone else. Guitarists Michael, Fermin and Roger took turns to twang. We still haven't got the guitar/PA set-up quite right. Work in progress...

Dave T the first up bass player, swinging hard all arvo, then the Debonaire Mr Curtis switching between stick bass and piano. Elegant as ever. Anton turning up later just in time to take over.

Jeff: he started with a small Chinese flute months ago, and has progressed to a ridiculously large soxiphological marvel. Graham Morris the pick of the sax brigade, the Captain in midstream

Alan Richards back on drums, Martin tidy as ever, first timer Colin on bongoes and then the Perri, a late starter, jumped out of the box, and played rather well once he had calmed down.

Yuko sang with growing confidence and directed her band well. Kay closed out the session with a slow blues burn on Route 66. Certainly the best she has sung in ages.

Audience: A welcome return from Ian McKechnie, from the Dizzys days, he just missed Geoff Whitelaw, of similar provenance, who was here the week before.

Next week, we are hoping to crack 50 different musos at the jams since the lockdown. Not far off it...

See ya Sunday?

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