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Yet again, 22 musicians turned up and rattled through the gamut of Jazz genres – we had bebop, swing, a bit of blues and something vaguely Latin from time to time. Not the greatest session since Moses was a lad, and no threat to the prior pre-eminent status of sliced bread, but it grooved along nicely, and a good time was had by all...

I would mention 21 of the 22 musicians, (the 22nd one is so famous she needs no introduction), but to do so would be invidious, and I would rather spend the time googling “invidious” to see what it means (*).. You all know who you are, and let's be honest, at least three of you will read this week's Newsletter... of which only two of you will follow the words with your finger to make it easier, whilst the third one tippexes the screen to get rid of the seplling misteaks. Thank you.

Highlights of the session would have to include the Budster, with a voice which is as smooth as ever, Graham White, who played trumpet better than ever,. Graham Gunn who bassed the Clark set with aplomb (**) Malcolm and Lily for a coupla fine songs, the Debster (***) and welcome back from ages ago (****) Chantelle who drummed (good) and then sang (gooder)

Next week bodes well... check in for a beer and a gossip, or a bit of music making...

The Key to this week's drivel

* “Invidious” You googled it, didn't ya?

** A plomb: this is a 16th century Gallic flute, or not, as the case may be. Graham is a pretty fine bassist.

*** Sang Don't Get Around Much Anymore, or something like that. Ace.

**** ' Ages Ago': At The Post Hotel, which used to be the Post Office Hotel, next to a block of flats which used to be the Post Office. Our previous Jam Session venue then got restyled as La Cantina, then High Road Cantina, and then something else (I forget), and then installed a bottleshop, which is now being restyled as a bakery. It is all going well, then...

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