Jam Session: Errrr

As might have been expected, a quiet session after the previous week's shenanigans, and only 16 jammers turned up. No bass all day, the Captain left early to go for another gig, and somewhat limited highlights to report...

First and last, Martin Clifton (drums) carried his bat, playing for a straight three hours, and first timer Kim got up the nerve to sing and acquitted herself well, if a little carefree with the form - hope she comes back.

Saxophonists Michael, Jeff, Laurie and Keith were all in sparkling form; and of the guitarists Mike, Roger and Fermin, the latter was the pick of them, including playing some admirable guitar whilst the ageing pianist took a break. The three singers, Jane, Deb and Aneta provided some light entertainment, mild diversion and/or a frisson of excitement - (delete and distribute accolades as inappropiate).

And we knocked off early and everyone helped pack up.

For which I was extremely grateful

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