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It was a Little Quiet... 2 December 2021

It was too hot to play bowls at the Middle Park Bowls Club, so we were faced with the unnerving sight of a bunch of overheated Bowlers looking for some entertainment. Well, they don't do that sort of thing here, it would seem, and we ran a Jam Session instead.

No Bass players for a start, until the best of us, Gentleman John C no less, got up with his stick bass and away we went...

Roger Clark in good form, with The Good Captain and Jeff not far behind; Alan Richards boisterous on drums, followed by Martin then the Horsch, beautifully subtle and restrained.

Kerry opened with Break it to Me Gently, sang two sets and got better and better, Annie sang Two For the Road, a song so complex that the saxophones dropped out and the guitars (Mike, Roger and Fermin) held back. The guitars were better this week than last, with some good solos. Kay came up with an oral piece, possibly so we would encourage her to sing more, and Libby sang an original (pretty good, once we got the mics sorted).

Julian sported a new flute, and played better than we remember - been practicing? - and then Yuko was perhaps the best of the singers, followed by Deborah (who could have been just as good but I had to leave early), and then Rick and Aimee sang a duet to close it out.

Smallest Jam Session for quite a while, until it really got going in the second half and left the Captain and crew well satisfied...

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