It has been a long time coming: The Captain cracks it for 70

Updated: Sep 30

This held the record for most musos at a jam (35), until 2019, when the Post Hotel saw 45 one week and 36 the next

He’s been creating Chaos for a number of years, and the time is getting near for a reckoning. Reckoning has never been the Captain’s strong point, due to his ability to count up to four with variable results at best. He needs all the help he can get.

To help him celebrate this occasion  he would like all current and past Jammers to join him for an Extraordinary Jam Session at the Leinster Arms on the 18th October. at 4pm. Some nibbles and beverages will be provided and music will flow until 8pm

Some of you may wonder at the Captain’s capacity for chaos. All current and past Jammers  actually number well over three hundred.  If they all turn up, the Captain’s Chaos making ability will be severely curtailed by a lack of elbow room.

Nevertheless, make a date in your Diary, Should be a bit of fun. 


The Captain, when he first started jamming in 2008


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