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Jam Session review for 19th March

Another happy Sunday - and only four weeks to the Festival, (April 21st -23rd) or to put it more optimistically, only five weeks until we can stop worrying...

The good denizens of Refinery Terrace, that smoke blipped backwater where everything hangs out, sometimes inappropriately, (but you cannot legislate for these things, can you?) are not, as a rule, of the worrying kind. Some may have been in attendance at the jam session; more or less a full house all day at the Middle Park Chateau de Plonk. Partly jammers who mainly sat around and gossiped, and somewhat Middle P regulars, who also sat around and gossiped, probably, I wouldn't know. Kids and dogs everywhere.

So, an opening stanza from Annie Crutchely Smythe, with the impeccable Dave Taylor on bass, and Mick the Pom looking a little discomforted when we played Bernie's Tune, for the second time that day as we had already riffed on this one at the Boatshed Cafe. After a while, and due to exhaustion, I stopped paying attention, sat outside and listened to some pretty good music.

Standouts, had I been paying attention would have been Ilya, increasingly confident on guitar, some late afternoon Powellery, also good, Mike Holt back on sax, and, the pick of them, Jamie who took over on bass. Just like the old days, half the singers turned up late, Andria got to sing, Anthony kindly offered to come back this week. Marion (recorder) managed to calm the guitarists into playing her level not theirs, and they all sounded pretty good to me.

Next week, we will all play on the white notes, not the black ones, because we do not wish to be seen as cheapskates. TTFN

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