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Indoors or Out?

Jam Session review for 12th March

Indoors or Out? It is that time of year, (as it often is at this time of year) and with the benefit of hindsight, we probably got the weather wrong. Again. Wouldn't be a jam session if everything ran smoothly.

Despite our best efforts in trying to balance the sound, yet again the inside session was, errr... a noisy affair. 22 musos turned up to hear a bright opener from Ruby Knight, and Malcolm H - bodes well for the Festival where Ruby's Rogues will be playing.

The initial double bass player was Andy Moon (playing with Trio at the Festival) , fresh from a Boatshed Cafe gig, and followed by Jamie, and then Simon. Together with Martin (Queens of The West at the Fest) and then Marek (Grand Masters) on drums, this set up a rhythm section solid for all the singers, saxes and guitars that solo-ed. Did they rise to the occasion? Well, some of it was excellent.

After a bright opener from Laurie (Chitlins and other goodies), perhaps not a surprise, per se, but Keith on Alto (Tramways Band) was the pick of the saxophonists - and I am grateful to the Good Captain (Port Phillip Showband and Breakout) for his generous observations on that score.

All in all, a good crowd turned up, and stayed, so a goodish day for the VWC, and a day that got better and better, musically. I haven't mentioned Jane, or Kevin, or Anthony or Chrissie Manetta or Les or even Aneta, and I wasn't going to as the singers get way too much attention, but it appears that I have....

And I am indebted to Mike P for a final thought on soloing:

Do it again, and they will think you meant it.

Quite so...

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