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Desert Island Discs

A review of the Jam Session 30th July

Desert Island Discs? well, a desert island sized gathering, so why not? We had planned to run through a Wagnerian Opera, but that takes 27 musos, and we only had 14, we forgot to advertise it, we didn't get the $1.5million or so in tax payer funded grants that this opera usually attracts, the Wine Centre is a tad small for that sort of thing, nobody knows how to play Wagner, and I don't much like Wagnerian opera anyway... so we ran a jam session instead. And a fairly rewarding session it turned out to be.

Props this week to new(ish) singers Elly and Angeline, who both sang with increasing confidence, to Mike the Scottish accented Pom from East St Kilda, Roger, and Neville (all played bass and guitar) and to the debonair Mr Curtis who added more than a touch of keyboard class to proceedings. Messrs Harris and Chaos did Adolphe proud (*)

If we promise not to play Wagner, would you consider turning up for the next session? Sunday 6th August: 3.30pm Could be a debacle...but you will never know if you don't go.

(*) Obscure reference to Adolphe Sax, indigent Belgian who could have invented the helicopter, but ran out of time and invented the eponymous 'ophone instead.

See Ya!




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