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Updated: Feb 16, 2023

A late change of venue kept us busy on Saturday, but a good turnout at the Victorian Wine Centre - the second time we have had a jam session there and even noisier than the first - best described as a party atmosphere all arvo.

Mo. Saxaphone, newcomer, now who is Mo exactly? Didn't say much, played real sweet with Julie's Uke once he got going.

Roger: the face looked better, the Be Bop numbers popped.

Michael H: The Doc with the sax. Got better as the day wore on

Calamatta: Yes, good as usual

The Good Captain: rushed off his feet all day. Does anyone appreciate how much work goes in to this. You should.

Mike, guitar: when he relaxed, played some neat solos, ten stepped aside for the others...

More guitars: Neville ace, Fermin a late addition. Roger Evans played great. According to Mike. Money may be changing hands?

Slap and Rattle: Martin's drumset got a fair work out, Jim. Carl, and the Hirsch played well, and young Clifton was the pick of them.

Annie (Charade in 4/4?) was fun . Anthony put up a roughish first set, but then nailed Mr Bojangles towards the end. Aneta and Yuko fair set the place alight with their duet.

Gentleman John Curtis as elegant on the keys as ever, Kay Cai managed to combine baby sitting with stylish piano playing, and nobody seemed to mind the cheap piano.

Marion rightly pointed out the sound was atrocious, but then played an entirely audible set on her recorder.

Julie played ukulele and sang. Damn, she is good! Hope she comes again.

And on bass in the background, Steve survived a ridiculously fast The Joint Is Jumpin, then entirely aced Route 66 in a second set. Serge lugged his monster bass across the room with only minor injuries, played well within himself; and left for Anton to take over. Electric bass maestro in hot form.

The late change of venue (don't ask) turned out remarkably well. The Aneta/Yuko duet the pick of the day. And when the tangled mob staggered into the evening after a raucous, crowded, noisy, heaving, havanotherbeer sort of a day, one could only wonder when we might do it again.

Booked for the Pre Christmas Bash....

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