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Complete Lack of Stunningly Witty Title


Oh, the weather will be fine - it didn't last - we'll play outside. A humid warm arvo, and the jam session started somewhat listlessly - Penny inside wondering when we would get to something more lively. Then the rain came, everyone managed to fit under the awnings and umbrellas, and the session took off - in fine style.

The jam sessions are starting to attract more Middle Park locals - we are cross-promoting through the Friday sessions. Quite what the gentry make of it, who knows, but it is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

So... the jam session: The Right Honourable Curtis played some fine and mellow piano, young Powell had a better and better sort of a day on guitar (haven't seen him for a while). Able Seaman Harris deployed a considerable number of notes on his saxophone, to good effect, Keef followed, ditto, the Good Captain ran it all with finesse, and all afternoon we had no bassist, Jamie having played a mere three hours at the Boatshed after which he elected to go home for a lie down. Martin C drummed, followed by Ashley 12/8 Thomson, and a rare foray in the slap and rattle department by Annabelle Crutchely Smythe (of the Hampshire Crutchely Smythes).

In truth (another first?) the day belonged to the singers - Jane, Deb, Kevin, Annie, Anthony, Annette and Andria, first timer who sounded pretty good. Well, they all did. It was that sort of a day.


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