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Busy, Busy, Busy ...

A review of the Jam Session 20th August

After last week's rave about how good the guitars were, predictably, this week they went back to being, well, not awful, but perhaps a little pedestrian.

But... once that was out of the way, this was a busy (and entertaining) session, with the biggest turnout we have had at the Chateau De Plonk. A welcome return from the Bounder, aka Roger Clark, with Ken Cowan; some early warbling from Miss Little, young Clifton back on the skins, lively contribs from Aneta, Elly, Simon, Kevin et al. (who is Al?) a blistering blues from Ruby, Mark on drums covering all possibilities and, at the last, Tony Luxmoor immaculate on bass.

Props to Ashley for the harp session (again, please), and good to see Cardinal Calamatta on sax.

24 musos, and a lot of fun...​





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