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BLIMEY ! Jam Session 2nd October

The woodwork was left fair deserted last week. In addition to the 22 musos that played, we got a visit from royalty - Rod, Bette and the famed POCKOTL were amongst a growing number of people who, clearly having nothing better to do, listen to the usual rubbish from the Jammers. Only this week, we seemed to avoid Autumn Leaves, Summertime and whatever that other dreadful hackneyed song was.

Started with a guitar duo from John Curtis and Mike Powell - apart from the rarity value, (have we ever done this before?) this proved a good start to what became an increasingly successful session.

Highlights included a polished * violin contribution from Karin, all the way from Ballarat, and rather good; and Alan, all the way from Middle Park and pretty much the best of the vietnamese drummers on the day.

Roger the Bounder brought along his mates, possibly under false pretences, but hey ho! some lively bebop ensued, no less than three trumpets in the mix Bell, Pater Kartu, Ken Forbes- another record, and a pot pourri of singers - Jane, Aneta, Anthony, Yuko and the long lost Rose who seems to have developed quite a voice and style to boot.

If I were going to mention the other saxophonists they would include Alan W, the Good Captain, as well as the six others I can think of off the top of my head who weren't there, but would have been if they were. I wouldn't mention Ken Cowan, because he didn't play saxophone. Best of the pianists, anyway.

And up the back, both Martin and Hirsch impressed, and Tony Luxmore (bass) played about as good as ever.

Not just the slithy tove was brillig**, The Jam Session rocked. See ya next week?

* well, it was quite shiny.

** quote from my favourite mathematician. Look it up!

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