Little Sunflower? As I recall:

20 musicians descended on the Leinster Arms on a wet stormy Sunday afternoon to keep the bar staff busy. John Curtis called the early tunes and challenged the early comers to play some seldom heard titles at the jam session. African Flower by Ellington and Jobim’s A Felicidade were examples of these.

Chance (“I’ve been everywhere”) from the US led the charge on drums. He was joined by Michael F, Bill and Mike H. A second keyboard player, Don, arrived to the relief of JC. Minhuis returned with charts in hand to entertain with her distinct vocal style. Kevin,Julie and Brian also provided much needed words to the many ensemble offerings. Tony, Laurie and myself made up the saxophone section. Dave played flute and sax and Tim trumpet and sax. Taariq, Ivan and Omar supported us all on electric bass; and Guitar voicing was added by Fermin, Ben and another newcomer in Seb.

To mark the absence of Ted ….Little Sunflower was called at the end of the session to the unanimous applause of the musicians who performed it.

Col, aka Captain Chaos

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