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Another day, another doughnut

The Jam Session on 20th November went off, as you do, without a hitch. A bright start with Ashley Thompson on guitar, Mike ditto, the Good Captain and Mr Clifton waving his smart red brushes around. Being the shy and retiring type, Ash recorded himself for himself, and posterity, insofar as Facebook consitutes permanency... Autumn leaves

Messrs Clarke R and R played a few tunes, and managed to confuse/dismay the bass player, Stewart Prentice, due to a lack of charts... cue Ms Deborah Salkov who absolutely belted So Danco Samba, only to mention that she could barely hear herself - a fine effort nevertheless...

Then some ageing piano player managed to completely bamboozle himself, and Anthony in the process. Said singer rose above the chaos to sing a fine version of Summer Wind.

Then it was the turn of the Good Captain, who called for Watermelon Man with a guitar intro. I thought Mike got that one well, only for the captain to call for a piano intro. Do I do that sort of thing, I wondered, greatly aided by Annie giving me vocal encouragement. About 23 choruses later we petered out....listen carefully to all the Herbie versions on Youtube and you will conclude, as we clearly did, that there is no single right way of cocking up his 1962 masterpiece, so we tried most of 'em... apologies to Steve Martin (bass) who tried to play it right: on a hiding to nothing in present company....

Aneta, fresh from a gig put up a stylish take on I Love Being Here With You, Marion elected for guitar accompaniment to her recorder, which worked well, Kevin crooned, then Jane sang in her most relaxed style, before swapping yarns of carrying concealed items across the Mexican border in the wrong direction. Jeff, Keith and Roger were the saxophonistes du jour, Neville, Dean and Mike the twangers.

A quiet sort of a day, much to like, and we all rolled out into the twilight at ten past seven. Another day, another doughnut...

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