Anne Smith is in Barbados (not)

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Hi Jammers Thanks for your newsy newsletter. Just to set the record straight for those less informed…..I have not been in Barbados (unfortunately)!!! I have simply been up the road at an exclusive joint where they exclude old joints and include new titanium and ceramic ones  whilst proferring a range of cool drugs. So now… I’m really ‘hip’ and still weird (Blossom fans will get that)…… conscious and ambulatory………. and home!!! Now, I will have seemingly endless days in which to sort out the charts that litter my house and I can warble in the kitchen ( I sound good there) whilst the cat looks on suspecting that this time I’ve really lost the plot! Can’t wait to kick Alan off the skins.  Best wishes to all you jam enjoyers. Annie

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